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We aren’t speaking the same language and it’s having an impact on our collaboration and our work.

Change is difficult and organizations are a product of their history and their leaders. An organization came to us that had been through several costly change management initiatives and was still struggling with collaboration, communication, and trust. The group had some new, senior members alongside some who were nearing the end of their careers and wanted to have a sense of something left behind – legacy. The impact was felt at all levels of the organization – something needed to change. 

Over three days we worked through the issues the group was confronting. We started with breaking it all down and then slowly began building it up with transparency, vulnerability, taking responsibility – all the ingredients to building trust. At the end of the three days the group was exhausted, on the same page, and clear on next steps. It was a sobering experience to see from an outside mirror, how gaps were being created and how issues were being indulged and therefore exacerbated. The group prioritized next steps on projects that had been suffering and built a plan for short, medium, and long-term work. They were working as a cohesive group again and were clear on their next steps.

This work has been conducted by our partner organisation Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University.