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Our Work

We are a social enterprise that helps government, educators, business and community organisations design and deliver products, services and experiences that are accessible and usable by as many people as possible.

We provide a hub for design thinking and advocate for change and contribute to policy debate and consultation, through government submissions, partnering, events and thought leadership.

The mission: to champion Inclusive Design, to reduce disadvantage and increase participation and possibility for everyone.

How We Work

Our team comprises of multidisciplinary professionals in fields including strategy, digital, customer experience, accessibility, policy, stakeholder and employee engagement, product development and service engineering.

Our clients and partners are across the spectrum – corporate, start-ups, education, government and super-connected individuals.

In each of these contexts, we seek to realise the value of Inclusive Design in a way that is relevant, usable and valuable to our clients. That value includes breakthrough innovation, connection, efficiency in service delivery and operations, de-biased decision-making, access to markets, and compelling customer and employee experience.

CfID thinking is delivered through consulting engagements, events, training, seminars and workshops, white papers and submissions and experiential events & activations.