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Our new website is almost ready to launch but whilst we make the final changes and tweaks to make it as inclusive as possible we’d like to thank you for your patience during this time.

Welcome to Centre for Inclusive Design

Centre for Inclusive Design is a centre of excellence for inclusive design in Australia. Our network of industry experts and global partners bring innovation and global best practice ID so everyone has the opportunity to connect and be a part of our society. CFID delivers innovation and insight, events and partnerships and a practice that helps people reach you. We build inclusive platforms to create more value for industry, government and most importantly meaningful connection for and with the people who are marginalised. There are approximately 4.3 million people with disability in Australia, however, inclusion is still lagging. We are changing this through innovation and collaboration with influencers and creators.

What is Inclusive Design?

ID is a methodology aimed at creating mainstream products and services to be accessible by the largest amount of people. Removing the need for special adaptation or customised design, ID makes products and services usable by as many people as reasonably possible.

ID is fundamentally different from universal design, the idea that one size fits all, in the way it aims to deliver robust products and services to a range of individuals with differing abilities. Good design practices have previously created products and services that exclude many people due to their abilities, especially people with disability. Through ID, we can create and accommodate a variety of experiences and ways for people to interact with the world.

Using this design methodology, we aim to encourage, assist and advocate for the evolution of products and services to create an inclusive world.