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Main Features

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How we work

Centre for Inclusive Design is a social enterprise, partnering with industry experts, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and global partners to design systems, products, services and customer experiences based on inclusive principles.

Increase participation and possibility … for everyone

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Services available through CFID

Centre for Inclusive Design offers many different inclusive solutions for businesses to maximise their offerings and add value to internal and external facets by increasing inclusion and accessibility across the whole of your business unit. We regularly utilise our network of professionals from around the globe to ensure that any services offered are delivered at the highest standards.


Inclusive Design Leadership

Centre for Inclusive Design practices and promotes ID thinking and practical methodologies to harness the experience of exclusion to create products, services and experiences that are accessible to and useful to as many people as possible. Working with our clients and partners we will help you achieve mastery in inclusive design, create and evolve your products with ID and connect with globally leading experts.

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